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Two WOC Suffragettes. Also: Canada and the vote

WOC Suffragettes:

-Sojourner Truth
-Harriet Tubman

(why can’t I find their Canadian contemporaries?)

Will be looking for more, this is a ridiculous list.

Aaaand, to give myself context (from Wikipedia [notes in these brackets are mine]):

  • 1916 - Manitoba becomes the first province where women have the right to vote in provincial elections.  [Go Manitoba! \o/]
  • 1917 - Wartime Elections Act - Gives voting rights to women with relatives fighting overseas. Voting rights are stripped from all “enemy aliens" (those born in enemy countries who arrived in Canada after 1902; see also Ukrainian Canadian internment).  Military Voters Act - gave the vote to all soldiers, even non-citizens, and to females serving as nurses or clerks for the armed forces, but the votes are not for specific candidates but simply for or against the government.  [¬¬ what is this fuckery?]
  • 1918 - Women gain full voting rights in federal elections.
  • 1919 - Women gain the right to run for federal office.
  • 1940 - Quebec becomes the last province where women’s right to vote is recognized.  [Quebec, je ne suis pas fière de vous ¬¬]
  • 1947 - Racial exclusions against Chinese and Indo-Canadians lifted. [fuck]
  • 1948 - Racial exclusions against Japanese Canadians lifted. [fuck]
  • 1955 - Religious exclusions are removed from election laws.
  • 1960- Right to vote is extended unconditionally to First Nations people. (Previously they could vote only by giving up their status as First Nations people; this requirement was removed.)  [oh my country, watch it suck]
  • 1960 - Right to vote in advance is extended to all electors willing to swear they would be absent on election day.
  • 1970- Voting age lowered from 21 to 18.
  • 1982 - Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees all adult citizens the right to vote. […this late? THIS LATE. ¬¬]
  • 1988 - Supreme Court of Canada rules mentally ill patients have the right to vote. […fuck. the world. Christ, the abuses of power]
  • 1993- Any elector can vote in advance.
  • 2000 - legislation is introduced making it easier for people of no fixed address to vote
  • 2002 - Prisoners given the right to vote in the riding in which they received their conviction. All adult Canadians except the Chief and Deputy Returning Officers can now vote in Canada.

Well that was disgusting. It’s a sad state of affairs when you need a law tostop discriminating against people. Fuck off Wartime Election Act - I am not impressed by you, and the complete failure of my Canadian History class to teach me about you. ¬¬

…I cannot believe it’s only been 65 years since Chinese Canadians and Indo-Canadians can vote. 64 years since Japanese Canadians can vote?

I’m not surprised about the First Nations amendment. Appalled? Yes. Surprised? No - we actually were taught that bit.

I might actually burn a flag this Canada Day.


I could only listen to about 30 seconds of the 911 recordings before I had to back away from my computer for a while.

I kept on thinking about one of my cousins when I first heard about Trayvon.  I went to a family reunion this past summer, and I haven’t visited my father’s family in a long time.  I saw my cousin, and I used to play with him and my other cousin (his sister) a lot when we were little.  He had a kid just recently.  This could have been him.  It could have been any of my family members or the people I follow on here.

To be honest, I hate how the recordings all over the internet now and how they’ve been released.  It feels like this kid’s death is being treated as a spectacle.  I understand why they were and why they are being publicized.  Still, it doesn’t feel right.

It’s the ugly truth white people desperately want to sweep under the rug and never confront — a 17-year-old black kid screams, SCREAMS, and cries for help.  An adult white person shoots him twice until he stops screaming.  White people who called 911 sound apathetic and annoyed that the murder of a black kid is interrupting their lives.  The police say the murderer acted on “self-defense” and let him go, and this is a department known to have racist tendencies behind its practices.

George Zimmerman deserves no mercy.  He deserves no understanding.  He deserves no compassion.  And he deserves no forgiveness.  None.  At all.  Ever. 

A 17-year-old tries to escape and cry for help.  No one helps him, and a racist murders him.  The person who murdered him goes into hiding.  The police protect the murderer and lets him go, and numerous white people everywhere try to defend his actions and him ending the life of a 17-year-old, trying to shut PoC down who are grieving for Trayvon, his family, and are angry at the unjust white supremacist system.

Yeah, he was “defending himself” against a kid who was pleading to him, BEGGING him not to shoot him.  Because I guess that’s very threatening to white people, isn’t it?  You know, black people living.


It makes me sick to my stomach to think of George Zimmerman being smug about it all. Like he did society a favor. Like he is some damn hero instead of a murderer who stalked and killed a defenseless child. While Trayvon’s family is mourning and devastated, he’s free. Free to walk down any street he wanted, yet Trayvon wasn’t. 

I want to know where the non-Black POC allies are in the fight for justice for Treyvon Martin.


I’d like to see you reblog if you’re a non-Black ally. Let us see what our support is really looking like right now.

things i need white feminists to do before i will take you seriously


i need you to come to terms with the way white women have facilitated some of the most unspeakable violence upon black and brown and indigenous people, bodies, and community. often in the name of white womanhood. often in the name of freedom. often in the name of feminism.

i need you to understand that you killed Emmitt Till. i need you to think about all of the black men and boys that have been murdered because either you accused them or your men took it upon themselves to defend *your* honor. i need you to look at pictures of lynched bodies and think about what role you played in it.

i need you to know the names of the women raped by U.S. military in countries we invaded, in part because feminists said we needed to save the women and/or children and supported the various invasions.

i need you to know that those reproductive rights you all are up in arms about were created via the destruction and maiming of black and brown bodies. i need you to know who Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsy are, and what was done to them. i need you to know the names of the Puerto Rican women who were lied to and who died so that The Pill could bring you your precious sexual liberation. i need you to know the central role white women played in sterilization programs that targeted black women, poor women, anyone they deemed too “feeble” to procreate. i need you to think about why more big name feminist organizations are up in arms about the most recent kick up about contraception than about sterilized black women getting compensated for what was done to them.

i need you to understand that at this point, it’s not about privilege. it’s not about you being able to find products that work with your hair no matter where you go. it’s about people’s lives. it’s about WOC lives and a centuries old disregard white women have shown for them. it’s about that fact that white women have been an active agent in the destruction of our communities, our histories, and our families. for centuries.

and WOC don’t owe you a damn thing. not. one. thing.

so get that through your skulls then maybe we can work together. maybe.

and, of course, the notes to this are filled with reactionary indignation ¬¬ *headdesk*



What he just explained is the reason, I won’t go see Casa de mi Padre ( The newest will ferrell movie). It bothers me that Will Ferrel a white male is playing a “Mexican good guy,” while the two actors who are actually Mexican are playing the “bad guys.” There is just something about that I really don’t like. I’m tired of seeing this kind of bullshit in the media, for all people of color not just my own ethnic group. 

“Support what’s good, and walk away from what’s not.”

(Which is easier said than done because, really, what is there to watch most of the time?)

That has a vibe of victim-blaming, actually, though. Not seeing movies won’t stop them being made unless the population is overwhelmingly not watching them. Minority boycotts don’t really work.

Oh. wow.

EDIT: Mmm, I appreciate Wings’ point about boycotts. (that’s all I have to say about that, really - she’s absolutely right.)

What I think this video does do well, is in bringing to light the issue (not that Morales is the first, nor will he be the last). And Morales speaks so calmly, so eloquently, so well. He speaks with authority because he knows and it resonates. And there’s that element of satire when he does the “4 roles” and talks about the “seasoning”. He might call for boycott, but leading up to that he talks about power structures and stereotypes and typecasting and analyzing what society spoon-feeds you. Which is a message lots of people need to hear!

The “When” is Huge (Ally)


I see a lot of questions around “When” an ally should speak up. I would never be able to go over each and ever possible scenario but I can give you a few rules of thumb. As with most “ally” discussions this can often be applied to other areas but in keeping with theme, this will be about anti-racism allies:

  • Speak up when the offended party is not around- You and your friend are hanging out. You are both white, they say something racist. Speak up. You need to speak up for two reasons. 1-To let them know what they said was wrong and 2-To let them know that YOU don’t think it is okay. Always remember, silence is acceptance.
  • Speak up until you are told otherwise- You (a white person) your friend (a white person) and another friend (a Black person) are all hanging out. Your white friend says something racist. Speak up. For the same reason’s as listed above. However, if the Black person says to let it go, let it go. It does NOT mean that the Black person agrees with what was said, it (more often than not) means that they feel like the argument is both futile and will single THEM out. This is not an easy place to be in, especially if you are the only person of color in the room. In many cases, you will be asked to stop just so they can not have to be the center of attention anymore. Please comply with the wishes of the PoC.
  • Never speak up- You (a white person) your friend (a Black person) and another friend (a Black person) are hanging out. One Black person says something about the Black race and the other friend disagrees. This turns into a discussion. Say nothing. You can however speak up if your opinion is asked for-but be warned. If you are the minority white person in the situation, know that human nature will likely cause the person you disagree with to say “This person doesn’t know.” They would not necessarily be wrong about that. Still, this is something that, in this situation I would strongly encourage you to stay out of altogether.
  • Know your place- This is the one that causes the most problems for allies. It’s really about knowing when to stop. Okay, you (a white person) are in a racial conversation with your friend (a Black person) this is an open conversation and the Black person has let you know that they are comfortable having this conversation. Now, you start asking questions about their experience or their view point as a Black person. This is perfectly fine if you have PREVIOUSLY been given the okay. Where this get’s tricky for some is when an opinion is given that you don’t agree with. It seems to be very difficult to remember that the experience you are asking for is that of the other person’s. The other person who has a vastly different experience than yourself. When they say something you don’t agree with, do not, I repeat DO NOT DISMISS THEIR WORDS. You disagreeing does not make you right. There is a VERY good chance that your experience and their experience are two very different things. The conversation itself (as long as you’ve been given the okay) is perfectly fine. Disagreeing is perfectly fine. However, talking over, dismissing, belittling or even arguing about who is right is a big NO-NO. This is not and never can be a situation of “I am right and you are wrong” because in this particular case, you think you are comparing green apples to red apples when in fact, you are comparing green apples to ice cream. Two very different perspectives and that is SO IMPORTANT to always remember as an ally. 





On the subject of the movie brave

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I was about to have to verbal-whack artistic aviary in their racist head but tay-a-la-menthe did it for me.

Read that stuff under the cut! Does not deserve to be under a “read more”!

Flawlessness on the internet.


On the subject of the movie brave





because I have nothing better to do besides procrastinate

so I was looking around today and saw a few strange complaints about the movie, most notably being that it “it’s all white people” and “100% crackerlicious crackers” (direct quotes taken from tumblr, not my phrasing) which is true! the cast is predominantly white. however, the reason why I found this complaint strange is because the movie is set in medieval Scotland, at a point when migration towards that particular part of the world wasn’t very strong and, as a result, there was one predominant ethnicity present - Scottish. White people!

While I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with wanting stronger public representation for racial minorities, or any minorities really, (opposite actually!), and critiquing media that exploits racial minorities at the expense of the characters/story is a big part of progression in contemporary society, critiquing a story because it is set in a time and place where the main race was white is strange. I’ve seen a lot of complaints from the sources I’ve quoted above wishing that Disney, for example, would twist their fairy tale stories to accomodate a broader cast of characters. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this - I thought Princess and the Frog was an interesting, original take on the story and it was pretty refreshing to have a new setting.

However, I do take issue with the fact that people seem to

  1. want this (completed) movie changed to represent characters besides Scots
  2. want the entire setting of the movie changed to accomodate this change
  3. want the characters completely changed as well

and at this point, is it really the same story anymore? I think there’s a little bit of a difference between wanting a fresh take on a pre-existing story, like Princess and the Frog, and wanting a complete rehaul of an original story that does not necessarily adhere to any pre-existing tales. A rehaul of an original story is simply a different story. That’s why twists on things like Princess and the Frog are refreshing - they’re new and different.

Does setting a movie in a time period and location where there’s one specific race present make the story and characters racist? Or are the movie’s creators trying to pick a setting where their story works best? And if you have ideas for ways to change the story, in ways that make the story completely different, are you best served critiquing this movie (that you haven’t seen yet) against your ideas? At that point, and please don’t take this as me saying “if you can make it better WHY DON’T YOU”, when you have an entirely new idea, and a new take on a story, maybe it’s time to put that story into action! A lot of really great stories have come about because the creator was trying to implement their own critique of pre-existing stories into action, and who’s to say you couldn’t make one of those stories?

in conclusion, I just used the phrase “crackerlicious” in writing and it was a little weird

I understand complaints about all white casts in Medieval Europe, because there was a lot of trade there and lots of different ethnicities were mingling!  Making everyone super white is unrealistic.

In comparison though, Pretania was relatively isolated.  There is indication of heavy trade with the Greeks and Phoenicians, but trade seems to be all it was.  When the Romans showed up, they described the Celts as “…a race of tall, fair-haired warriors, strong and agile, easily provoked to battle, boastful before combat like the Homeric heroes and terrifying in their battle rage.”  There’s little to indicate that ethnic diversity encompassed anything more than the four different Celtic groups (Picts, Gaels, Britons and Angles), only one of which was described as looking significantly different than the others.

There was more of an influx of different races during the Roman era—in fact, DNA testing has shown some modern Scots to be of mixed African descent, which historians speculate may have occurred either during the building of Hadrian’s Wall, or from marriages between high-ranking African slaves or freedmen and the native Celts.  However, Hadrian’s Wall was built for a reason, and a lot of that reason was because the Celts were so opposed to any kind of integration or subjugation that the Romans got fed up trying to wrangle them and shoved them all up into Scotland.  They were not a people who supported the melting pot idea, is what I’m saying here.

So while having traders or other individuals of different ethnicities present in Brave wouldn’t have been farfetched in the least, there’s not going to be the kind of ethnic diversity you’d find in Rome or medieval Europe or even medieval England, because medieval Scotland was pretty much pissed off at the world and fighting to keep their own heritage.

Had Brave been set in modern-day Scotland, then yes, there ought to be more ethnic diversity.  Hell, if it was about the Scottish guys who worked at the docks, or a Scottish farrier who works at a busy city, you’d see lots of different skin colors.  But a movie about Scottish nobility is going to be pretty pasty.

If your people are rarely represented by media, you’re gonna get pretty pissed and apathetic about the long parade of white movies.

That’s pretty much the complaint.

That’s my complaint.

Plus the structural racism that’s been in place for centuries that makes it hard for POC to join and thrive in the entertainment industry compared to whites… and so overwhelmingly the directors and writers are white (and male).

So yeah. A bunch of white people run Pixar and Disney… and they continue to make white films. And Princess and the Frog has its problems too. Not a perfect movie with regards to representation by a long shot. Just look up “racism in Princess and the Frog.”

My problem isn’t necessarily with Brave itself as it stands alone but how it stands in the long line of white movies, and the small proportion of movies led by female protagonists that almost always are about “how being a girl is hard” instead of “here’s awesome things that characters who happen to be girls are capable of”.

But when I mention any of the above (whether directly or indirectly), I’ve recently had lots of people telling me to STFU and accept the good graces of Pixar for granting me with a female-led movie. Racist and sexist much?

I really agree with everything said here, by both sides of the debate. Yes, black people and other ethnicities in Scotland in the time period portrayed would be unrealistic. However, it is equally unrealistic that in the vast majority of characters presented to us by Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks, that they all happen to be white.

So both sides, I’d say, are right.

I think it’s silly to think about skin color in relation to movies. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not what’s important. Movies are about people, and the color of their skin shouldn’t hinder your view of the movie of your love of the story, unless the viewpoint it takes on those people is rude.

While many classic Disney movies do have white cast members, it’s not very nice to assume that the people who work on Disney films have racist thoughts on their minds just because they’re predominantly white. I realize that there are some irrational people out there who are like that, but it doesn’t seem to me like those people would be the ones to get a job at Disney working on childrens’ movies.
If anything, I’d say it’s almost the opposite. Animators aren’t worried about representing every single race in their movies, because that isn’t what’s important. The story, the character development, and the message of the story are. If race is relevant to that, so be it! 

If your people are rarely represented by media, you’re gonna get pretty pissed and apathetic about the long parade of white movies.”

This is a mindset that I understand, but that I don’t like. This mindset is racist. I understand wanting to have people of minorities in movies, and it’s great when they are! But if we really don’t want racism to exist anymore… people need to stop thinking of things in terms of race, even if they aren’t necessarily in negative ways. 

In a similar way, people need to stop looking at Brave as another film about a girl who defies social norms, and start looking at it as a film about a person who chooses their own fate. It is about a PERSON who happens to be female, and who is an interesting character because of the things she has to overcome.

Your beliefs are wrong and you are wrong and obviously white and have never thought critically about this issue, so please never talk about this again.

It is not silly to think about how people who are not white are being screwed over in the media, and in meat-space. You’re wrong.

The end.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Dear fellow member of white privilege:


No, you’re not a bad person. You’re not “a racist” - that mythological creature (not actually so mythical) we pat ourselves on the back for not being (you know, the one who uses racial slurs, who thinks the KKK had the right idea about things, who complains about immigrants [haha, oh hypocrisy, fuck you], who wants POC to “go back where they came from”). That’s not you. Probably (I don’t know you so you could be, but probably aren’t. We’ll be optimistic). So you’re a good person. You think people are people, and you like to think the best of people.

But you are perpetuating ideologies that support systematic, institutionalized, pervasive, invisible racism. Well, I say invisible - invisible to anyone with the privilege of being reflected, in every place, in every way, in every aspect of life, as part of the norm.

You have the privilege (and yes, it is a privilege) of saying “Animators aren’t worried about representing every single race in their movies, because that isn’t what’s important." because people who look like you, who share your history, your culture, your stories, and often your ideologies, show up in every media genre from the United States to Canada (and the UK too).

It is absurdly easy to say things are OK, people are people, when you don’t keenly feel the lack of your own representation.

That lack hurts.

That lack, is the reason many, many, many women are excited about Brave. Finally. Finally a Pixar leading lady. (We trust Pixar. Pixar tells good stories. Pixar is creative and artistic and brilliant. Pixar gave us EVE and Helen and Edna and Dory and Colette.)

That lack is the very same reason for some of the backlash against Brave (Princess? Why is she a princess!? Is Pixar so old, white, cis-male that they cannot tell a woman’s story without falling back on tired old archetypes? What about Russel and Carl Fredricksen and WALL-E and EVE and Woody and Buzz and Boo and Flik and Remy and Marlin and Dory - why can’t Pixar tell us a shiny, bright, strange, wonderful, new story with a girl main character. Where are the old ladies and the middle aged ladies and the young ladies who are people. People, not token feel-good, free-the-oppressed-women old archetypes. And, yes: where are the unconventional Women of Colour. Who don’t play second fiddle to anyone.)

Women - and men - of colour deserve and need to see themselves reflected in the stories told by our media as much as white women and men. Because these stories reflect and shape our culture. And it fucking sucks to be erased or invisible in these stories, because that says there is no room for you in our culture.

tldr: there are monumental historical and social implications happening in the background, and nothing in media exists in a vacuum, or without impact. Please, please please please, do some reading on the internet and learn about these issues.

If you would like resources, I am more than happy to point you in the direction of some. It is not easy reading, or particularly comfortable. Unpacking your privilege is often very fucking uncomfortable. But I believe walking that road makes you a better person.











oh wow.

Are you KIDDING me right now

What is this fuckery. 

wow. That is a whole big piece of fail right there. FAILCAKE.

…….wow. I just…wow. 

The fuck? I mean… Seriously?


There are no words for this fuckery.
Except: I think I’m going to throw up.
And this is why racism is so…so everything it is today. Because it comes out “well intentioned” while underlining that “white” is the standard from which everyone else deviates. White is the default. White is the norm. And it’s so prevalent, this terrible terrible lie, that white people internalize it and cannot see their own privilege.
It’s White People on one side and People of Colour on the other side (and that’s the lie, white people are a myth, people of colour are a myth but it’s an invention that has been repeated so often, so completely that it grew a life of its own, and now these fabrications are important social terms).
This is Political Correctness gone fucking wrong. (Not Lucy Liu playing Watson.)











oh wow.

Are you KIDDING me right now

What is this fuckery.

wow. That is a whole big piece of fail right there. FAILCAKE.

…….wow. I just…wow. 

The fuck? I mean… Seriously?


There are no words for this fuckery.

Except: I think I’m going to throw up.

And this is why racism is so…so everything it is today. Because it comes out “well intentioned” while underlining that “white” is the standard from which everyone else deviates. White is the default. White is the norm. And it’s so prevalent, this terrible terrible lie, that white people internalize it and cannot see their own privilege.

It’s White People on one side and People of Colour on the other side (and that’s the lie, white people are a myth, people of colour are a myth but it’s an invention that has been repeated so often, so completely that it grew a life of its own, and now these fabrications are important social terms).

This is Political Correctness gone fucking wrong. (Not Lucy Liu playing Watson.)